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Hi! I'm Carol Hennessy!

I’m your Holistic Heart Healer!

I’m here to guide you on a journey of self-exploration and discovery.

I hold space for you to understand who you are and find that lost little girl inside.

As a Holistic Heart Healer, I am able to see you for who you are from the inside out. I can see deep into your soul and see you for who you are. Some have said what I do is like a self-love shaman. That’s a gigantic role and responsibility, to be making those claims. It does speak volumes and helps to communicate the type of transformation my clients' experience. The transformation- that I’ll take credit for.

I’m not a coach. I’m not here to tell you. I‘m going to mentor, guide, teach, and assist you through the work that leads to a transformation. If you are ready to do the work but need the guidance and direction through a step-by-step process- I’ve created what you need!

I see you and know where you need to go and EXACTLY how to get you where you need to be.

Have You Lost Your Spark?

My work is for the forgotten women. For those who feel and have felt unseen and unheard. You’ve lost your spark and can’t seem to find your joy. You’re unsure of who you are beyond a wife, mother, daughter, sister, or friend. You can’t find or seem to find your purpose or your place in this physical space. You feel as though you're just on rinse and repeat - a daily grind.

And you know that you are missing something. YES! Yes, there is something else you need to be and do.

Most of all, you’re just tired of the lack of self-love and confidence in yourself- mainly because you just don’t know who you are.  Somewhere along the way you lost yourself.

I am here for you! I’m Carol Hennessy and I am your Holistic Heart Healer. Together, we'll free you from your self-imposed box!

The Carol Hennessy experience is supportive, loving, and challenging. It’s rich with guided discovery and joyful wonderment. Through compassion, integrity, trust, and holism you’ll explore and discover who you are and how to love yourself.

The journey will be one that brings you joy. It will ground and comfort you like never before. You will be mystified and in sheer wonderment of who you are and what you possess.

Choose You by Carol Hennessy

Ways to Experience Heart Healing

Everybody has the ability within themselves to discover and unlock their inner magic!

Are you ready? Let’s schedule a meet and greet and see if I’m what you have been looking for.

Heart Healing Guidance


A personalized journey to find your inner joy.

You'll learn to look at yourself- truly see yourself. You'll learn how to sit with yourself and like what you see. Looking in the mirror will become a joy.

The outcome is loving yourself.


Soul Sparked Intensive

Just 10 Steps to be the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

This Soul Sparked Intensive is a rigorous guided self-discovery journey. It requires a commitment and you must be ready to put in the work.

You'll awaken a part of you that you've had glimpses of but can't seem to bring to life.


Virtual Group Healing

A virtual group journey can be a healing and supportive place to start for many. Group healing is the perfect place to begin your personal journey.

Come safely begin in the comfort and presence of other women who understand your pain.

Stop fighting with yourself.

Are you ready to begin your transformative journey?

Get instant access to my FREE Self Love Guide

    Carol has been such a blessing in my life!  As I move along my journey whenever I have felt a struggle coming Carol has stepped up and helped me align to my highest timeline with ease and flow. 

    - Jenn C., S. Carolina

    Working with Carol took my life places I knew in my core that I desired to go.
    She furthered and solidified my knowledge of manifestation. She helped me realize I could manifest the truck I desired, it might not be my favorite color but it would be the truck I needed. She was right, an amazing opportunity presented itself at the exact perfect moment. She was also correct that it was not my favorite color but it was exactly what I needed. Carol has an innate ability to hear what you are saying and helps you gain access to the heart of the matter. She guides you gently and supports you to live your truth. A lot of times in life we make our situations or paths complicated. When Carol coached me in empowerment and living my dream, she showed me how to see things at a more raw level. A baseline that was not cluttered and muddled with the complications I created for my reality.

    -Lydia M., Pennsylvania

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