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Hi! I’m Carol Hennessy

I’m a Holistic Heart Healer and I’m on a mission to assist women who have lost their spark and are seeking their personal transformational journey of self-discovery to heal and find the love and joy they deserve.

Has your soul spark gone out?

Holistically healing hearts is my passion and I’m on a mission to spark a healing movement by spreading love one person at a time.


I embarked on a journey to change my mind, heart, and soul- to find true peace. I did the work, put in the time, and found a way out of my self-prescribed and societal formed mental limitations.

I became so frustrated and lost that I was full of self-destructive mind talk and habits. I reached a pause point, unable to feel the alignment between my heart and my head. Something deep inside of me knew that I must discover what I know MUST be inside of me. My fear of finding out what this was kept me frozen in place. My life would not see a change until I made a change.

See, I really didn’t want to be seen. I had conditioned myself to think that when I was seen I was made smaller. I always felt that I was heard- whether they listened or not- I was heard. But I wasn’t always --seen. It made me feel small and unimportant. I felt that my presence didn’t matter.

Yet, in my soul- deep- deep inside, I knew that something was screaming to be set free.

Every time I was seen in my life, especially when I was younger, it was the very thing that shut me down.


My family is great.  I am the 6th or 7 kids.  My father died of a massive heart attack.  At 36, he left the physical world while mom was just a few months pregnant with their youngest.

What an amazingly strong woman my mom is!  With the dynamic of the family forever changed we set out as a family to heal.  I do not have many memories of that time as I was very young, however, I do know that we all had different reactions to his death.

Some of the siblings had a more difficult time (outwardly) than others.  I was not a sibling that showed outward emotion.  I was a sibling who cried a lot when she was alone but would make it a point to keep the peace when needed in the family.  This led to my feelings of never being seen.

You know that saying "the squeaky wheel gets the grease"?  It became apparent that I was overshadowed by the actions of others.  At this time is when I created my safe space, my "box" as it had come to be known.

This "box" was a place I frequented often anytime I felt afraid or anytime that I felt that I was not enough (part of being told that I did not know what I was talking about or that I could not do something for a host of different reasons).


The story of the "box" and its uses for my survival is a pivotal part of my path to healing and one I have shared many times in my life to assist others who have experienced similar circumstances in their lives.

I never wanted what was best for me because I was afraid if I got to what was best for me- someone would tell me that wasn’t the right place for me. So, I’d go right back into the box. I became very comfortable in the box- my safe space.

But this is not who I was meant to be or what I was meant to do. I have joy- happiness, and a message to share. I have lessons to teach that will help others break free from their box.

Everyone always saw and still does see me as this very happy person. I am and it’s a bit infectious- I LOVE that about myself. But I spent years unhappy inside. I am far from perfect BUT I am in touch with WHO I am and WHAT I am called to do.

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Finally, reaching my breaking point, I got to work making the inside of me happy and match the outside joy that everyone knows. I took courses, practiced modalities, and earned certificates. I let my intuition and soul be my teacher and guide. I set out on a transformation mission.

I obtained Dream Life Coaching, Reiki I & II and Ho'Oponopono certifications. I took an impactful Soul Contract Class. I studied and practiced meditation, breathwork, gratitude, and journaling. I studied the Law of Attraction. I studied cognitive reframing and creative visualization techniques. I explored chakras and crystals.

I’ve studied emotions and diet connections. Cleansing, clearing, and physical touch to learn how to heal.

I‘ve spent nearly 30 years learning to move from not liking myself to learning to love – truly love who I am. I had to learn to love everything about myself in order to truly be happy. My calling of becoming a Holistic Heart Healer is my true north. It is my soul's desire to assist others as they free themselves from the limitations and feelings of being "less than" to become their true authentic selves.  This is my purposes while living this life.

My ideology taught me to be heard but not seen. I am no longer in that box. I dance joyfully outside it! This is the vibration and energy I live in every moment of every day. It is living my life with more intention in order to attract what vibrates with my highest good.

As a healer, I am present as your guide to assist you as you open your heart to find your light and embrace what you desire to co-create with the Universe.  We create a blueprint together so that the person being healed (that's you!) is the person who has done the work of healing.  This will show you your purpose and move you into the direction of your desired life.

I’m often referred to as “everybody’s mom” – with a supportive, loving, and a pinch of the tough love you need to explore and find the answers you seek.

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