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In life, we use tools to aid just about anything we do. We use a plethora of tools to cook, to eat, to clean, to shop- we even use tools like the phone or the computer to help communicate and do almost anything. Yet, when it comes to us, we just stay caught in our misery. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

I’m here to tell you there is a way to have the internal peace and joy you desire. You can be truly fulfilled and be so happy that it overflows. You’ll exude abundance. 

When you reach this point- you infect those around you. They can’t help but be drawn to you. 

When you are truly happy, you change the lives of those around you. They become happy.


My mission is to assist broken women who have lost their spark and are seeking their personal transformational journey of self-discovery to heal and find the love and joy they deserve. Women who feel like something is missing- that feeling that there is a void inside. They feel outside themselves- lacking self-love. That beautiful soul that feels unseen and unheard. Are you afraid to show who you really are? Can you find yourself? Have you lost yourself to your family or your career? Do you feel like your living someone else’s life? Are you depleted of love? Void of joy? Feeling lost in the world? Struggling with the limiting beliefs that were put on you? 

You probably feel as though you have no right to feel this way. You think others would look at you and think she has everything. 

But you have this overwhelming burning in your soul that you are supposed to be – do something else. 

You seek the someone to help you find your spark and light it for others to see. You want others to feel your joy and love the moment you enter their presence. 

I aim to inspire healing from the inside out in women. I teach them how to find their soul, self-love, and self-worth to spark serenity. 

Believe Carol Hennessy

The result is an abundant soul that overflows and can impact those around them.

Ways to Experience Heart Healing

Everybody has the ability within themselves to discover and unlock their inner magic!

Are you ready? Let’s schedule a meet and greet and see if I’m what you have been looking for.

Heart Healing Guidance


A personalized journey to find your inner joy.

You'll learn to look at yourself- truly see yourself. You'll learn how to sit with yourself and like what you see. Looking in the mirror will become a joy.

The outcome is loving yourself.


Soul Sparked Intensive

Just 10 Steps to be the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

This Soul Sparked Intensive is a rigorous guided self-discovery journey. It requires a commitment and you must be ready to put in the work.

You'll awaken a part of you that you've had glimpses of but can't seem to bring to life.


Virtual Group Healing

A virtual group journey can be a healing and supportive place to start for many. Group healing is the perfect place to begin your personal journey.

Come safely begin in the comfort and presence of other women who understand your pain.

Stop fighting with yourself.


1:1 Heart Healing Guidance 

A personalized journey to find your inner joy 

Look at yourself-. Learn how to sit with yourself. Learn to like yourself. Look in the mirror and Love yourself – 

First, we’ll discover where you are and where you need to go. Next, we’ll define what you have brought into your life that you can change, what has been put upon you, and the expectations of you. It’s a deep look into your soul– a look at yourself. We’ll go through challenging work like learning to sit with ourselves. Understanding how to love who you are and how to fly as the new you. 


  • Self-love- value in your life- moves you forward and those around you forward
  • When you’re happier you infect those around you which in turn means you infect the community 
  • Fill your soul
  • Self-love and bring it to others
  • You will be on the list of things you love.
Heart Healing Guidance

Soul Sparked Intensive

This Soul Sparked Intensive is a rigorous guided process to self-discovery. It requires a commitment and you must be ready to put in the work.  

You’ll be educated as deeply as you choose to be educated to give you the tools so you yourself can obtain this goal or bring it to others 

Life is sacred. It’s a gift. You’ve had glimpses of the pure joy you seek. This is why it’s left you lost. Because you’ve had them and felt the power of the true abundance. This leaves you missing and longing for that joy again. 

Moments like the birth of a child where there is just raw untainted love. Or the small flashbacks of yourself as a child before life- people and society-imposed things onto you. You’ve had these moments and your soul knows it can have them again. 

Life is a path and there are stones and each stone that you set represents a piece of you that is moving you forward. Confidence, gratitude- list the Each stone represents the work you’ve done that sets the path. 

  • If you are ready and still believe deep inside that you can find yourself, I’m here to guide you on your transformation. 
  • If you are ready to be free of the self-torture in your mind and the pain of feeling lost, I will teach you how to break free. 
  • If you are ready to spark your soul fire, I am here to show you the path! 

Stop just surviving the day…

Stop just going through the motions of life…

Let’s wake up your inner child and let her out to play! 

Let’s find your divine and sovereign being.


Virtual Group Healing

Virtual group sessions for a shared experience

Sharing a journey can be healing and supportive for many. Some aren’t ready to dive into their own work just yet. The Group Healing is the perfect place to begin their personal journey. My passion is holistic hearts healed by love. Love starts with you- you can not love others until you love yourself. Loneliness starts and stops with you! 

Fight for your joy. Seek the days that you will spend inflow and not in despair. 

Stop fighting with yourself. Come safely begin in the comfort and presence of other women who understand your pain. 

I’m on a mission to spark a healing movement by spreading love one person at a time.

A holistic heart healing journey will allow you to become your whole – soul fired radiant self! 

Life is meant to be enjoyed and cherished not leaving you in anxiety, fear, darkness, or anger. Your days should be like dancing through the tulips not lost and desperate in the dark forest.

Carol Hennessy sisterhood

Self-Love Guide

Begin your journey to self-love with this guide. This guide is my gift to you! It's the foundational steps of the Healed by Hennessy methodology.

It's the first step to uncovering what's troubling you and guiding you on a journey of discovery and connection with yourself. You'll learn to love life, yourself, those around you, and the air you breathe.

It's learning to love what you do and what you have. It's learning to love and know internal joy!

The Self-Love Guide will take you through the essential basics you need to begin to heal your heart and find your love.

This is for you- if you are ready to explore how to heal your heart and soul.

To get started, simply submit your email and you'll receive instructions in your email for the guide. Then book your meet and greet with me today! I'd love to hear about your journey.

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